Private Client
Disputes vs. Estate and Succession Planning


Over the years we have gained invaluable experience in preventing and counteracting hostile takeovers of private and corporate estates. We offer our clients complex solutions in the field of succession planning. These solutions protect the interests of owners, whose estate is liable to depletion or massive loss in the event of an estate litigation or business succession. We offer advice on safeguarding the interests of underage business owners.

Brief case summary: representing the beneficiaries of a last will including movables.

Our lawyers were responsible for safeguarding the validity and effectiveness of the will, the provisions of which were wrongly challenged by the person responsible for executing the will.

As an effect, the unlawful actions performed by the person responsible for executing the will were exposed and a hostile takeover of family estate was prevented.

Amount in litigation: approx. PLN 50 million. Case status: our legal advisers conducted complex negotiations, held meetings and managed correspondence with the party responsible for executing the will in order to collect evidence for the party’s unlawful actions. Unwilling to have the case heard by a court of law, the party eventually executed the will.

Brief case summary: restoring the joint marital property consisting of over a dozen real estates after they were embezzled by one of the spouses.

Our lawyers questioned the validity and effectiveness of the transactions carried out by the spouse and conducted a detailed analysis of how the disputed real estate was acquired and how the joint marital property was set aside from the personal estate of the spouses.

As a result, the good faith of the real estate purchasers was challenged and personal ties between them and the spouse responsible for embezzling the real estates were discovered.

Amount in litigation: approx. PLN 15 million. Case status: a few final and legally binding judgements of appeal courts, including cumulative judgements, which reversed the transactions; legal proceedings before the court of first instance.