Real Estate Law

Practice in real estate law requires complex and wide-range legal knowledge, in particular in property law, corporate law, finance law. Due to our long-time practice we help our clients to build their business mostly in following fields:

1. Acquisition/disposal of property

a. creation of entities/ financial structures aiming at optimal security of client’s business goals connected with the investment and overall situation of the client
b. negotiations of facility agreements and other contracts leading to acquiring of financial means for the investment
c. due diligence of the property
d. contracts on acquisition/disposal of the property
e. contracts on establishment of limited property rights and other encumbrances
f. contracts on establishment of security rights to secure claims connected with the investment
g. contracts on architectural works/documentation
h. contracts on construction works
i. representation of clients in front of administrative bodies/authorities and administrative courts within the scope of proceedings related to settlement, decisions, concessions and any other determination, including but not limited to public fees/charges.

2. Property management

a. contracts related to use of the property, i.e. lease agreement, lending for use, and others
b. contracts on management/administration of the property
c. regulations of co-ownership
d. execution of guarantee rights and claims resulting from non-execution or improper execution of the contract.

3. Studies – research, analyses, due diligence of the properties – their legal and factual status, often in co-operation with experts and specialists with large expertise.

4. In the case of development investments affected by an adverse change in the conditions resulting from spatial planning, we provide advisory and legal support in the process of obtaining land for replacement for investment, or in disputes for obtaining compensation; We also provide legal assistance in ZRID procedures (in negotiating with the Self-Government of road contract conditions) and other administrative procedures aimed at ensuring real estate access to a public road.